Monday, December 6, 2010

#171 – A CAR

The next morning Lauryn called me at Terri’s and said she needed a favor. She did not have her own car but someone was going to loan her one. Could I come by, pick her up and take her somewhere.

We drove to what looked like a gravel quarry turned into a construction area. The man who had the car was there in a long trailer where he apparently both worked and lived. Around the main part of it there were blueprints laid out on drafting tables. He was a tall youngish man, another who had been in high school with Lauryn. A quite well off young man whose family owned the property he was planning to develop. Like the boyfriend, he seemed so delighted to see this woman who still looked like a girl. Was quick and smart as well as lovely, challenged men to be their best, seemed not to have a care, seemed so well-adjusted and cheerfull.

This man with the trailer, the family business and the extra car was, she told me, the owner of the Littleton diner. This was not the time for my amusing punch line about the specialty of the day being cheeseburger quiche.

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