Thursday, October 22, 2009

#22 – AT JOAN’S

At the crowded party on Barrow Street I met a good looking youngish woman professor who was writing a book about Pissaro the painter – or was it Pizarro the conquistador? I bluffed it till I knew it was the painter and she was in art history – which in my college days was what the most appealing girls at Vassar studied, that and zoology.

She was at Miami University way down in Florida. We talked about my stepson, with whom I had only tenuous ties but whom I had taken there to check out the place. She said she’d use her influence.

Then came a glad-handing friend of Joan’s from City College days, Hank Stern, who would be up for re-election to the City Council.

And now it was noticed that Bill disappeared with a dark-haired, smiling girl who had been on the periphery . They returned and Joan was screaming at him, just like 30 years back.

Then he was gone again. But one of the women pointed out that “that girl wears thrift shop everything.” Which seemed to allow everyone to be friendly again. Though Bill was not back yet when I departed.

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